Sensis to Offer Video Advertising to Premium Businesses..Following the Global Trend

Sensis recently signed a deal with KIT digital to offer video technologies to Sensis’ brands/businesses. Following the likes of Idearc Media, who launched video for online business directory, Superpages in October 2007 last year, Sensis will

“… publish, manage anddistribute video content for its key brands. KIT digital
will also providehosting, customer support and maintenance services…”

Amusingly, the press release mentions that Sensis will be:

” blazing a trail that we expect to be replicated globally “.

Not sure that Sensis will be pioneering this in any way – YellowPages in Canada launched video advertising in January this year and several other US online business directories have been trialling this service since mid-2007. Vishal Sharma in fact recommended this recently in his paper on local search in Australia (disclaimer: I contributed to certain sections of this document)

That aside, it is good to see Sensis exploring new technology. This is also an area that Google are in, albeit a self-service model.

No doubt locally Sensis will partner with a professional video company in order to film ads for SMEs on-site – I don’t see Google getting into that space, at least in Australia anyway.

Update: Found some interesting comments on ITWire (who also reported on this Press Release)

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