Truelocal launches iPhone app

News Digital Media gave a press release detailing a launch of a Truelocal iPhone app.

“… will have a Location Based Service function enabling users to conduct on the spot searches for businesses within a specific radius of where they are standing…”

There’s an interesting article here on Location enabled iPhone apps - I suspect that some companies will be thinking that that the manic app development ended with the Facebook app :)

Telstra already offer GPS/mobile integration with WhereIS Navigator through a range of devices, just not the iPhone.

With Google Maps tightly integrated with the GPS receiver in the iPhone, would Telstra still go ahead and launch a iPhone app with WhereIs/GPS integration – I don’t see the point given the native Google Maps support. Based on current headlines, Telstra are already selling the iPhone – can anyone confirm whether any Sensis content is on there?


I was fortunate to get confirmation from Danielle Horan from Sensis:

“…Hi there. Regarding your question about the availability of Sensis’ mobile applications on the iPhone, the answer is yes. To mark the release of the iPhone, Telstra launched an iPhone BigPond portal featuring key Sensis mobile products like Yellow, Sensis Search, Citysearch and Whereis.

However anyone with an internet enabled phone, including the iPhone, can access Sensis’ mobile applications. For example, all you need to do it type in to access the Yellow Mobile site. It can then be saved as a ‘bookmark’ to enable easy access.

So together with Telstra’s super-fast and nationwide NextG network, the release of the iPhone means great sites like Yellow and Whereis Mobile are more widely available, and easier to use than ever- and can be accessed across all carrier 3G networks…”

Wintermute, has an amusing comment about Sensis not being able to get pre-loaded content on the iPhone in time for launch:

“…And then there was Telstra, who were a little late to the iPhone party because of their insistence, in negotiations with Apple, that their Sensis properties be loaded by default on the iPhone (ie, replacing Google). Eventually Telstra caved — they offer all that through their web portal anyway. But it was fascinating to see a carrier used to controlling everything have to give in…”

It will take a while before users are happy about iPhone download quotas – personally I know I can use around 1mb just searching an panning around Google Maps on my mobile.
Glad I didn’t stay up until midnight in 8 degree weather to get one from the Apple Store in Sydney!

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