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Advanced Web Ranking Review

One of the most important aspects of running an online website is making sure that it ranks highly in search engine results so that users end up at your site instead of clicking through to the competition. This process has … Continue reading

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Google Adwords API Blog – where’s the p*rn filters?

Saw some interesting results whilst looking at the Google Adwords API blog – you’d expect Google to have some filters in place for this sort of pornographic content! Rave About It Blog

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Google Street View Live in Australia

Google Street View is now Live in Australia. There’s enough that has been said on the blogosphere already – but see how much time you can kill checking out your neighbourhood. yeh – doesn’t get more cliche than that Rave … Continue reading

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Australian Local Search Debate

V.short post on developments in local search.Over at Micksup, there’s some interesting theories on why local search in Australia is stuck in a rut, with particular reference to Yelp. Good to get some input from some of the more prominent … Continue reading

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Docoloco Releases iPhone app

Melbourne-based local search & review site, Docoloco, released an iPhone app a few weeks ago.I dont have an iPhone, so I cant give an accurate review of the app, but the layout in my browser looks pretty functional – dont … Continue reading

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Microsoft Live Search Australia – Less Choice Please

It is little wonder that Microsoft are struggling to compete with Google in local search in Australia. There are actually 3 different ways to search for local services in Australia using Microsoft’s online services, and each return a different set … Continue reading

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Truelocal launches iPhone app

News Digital Media gave a press release detailing a launch of a Truelocal iPhone app. “… will have a Location Based Service function enabling users to conduct on the spot searches for businesses within a specific radius of where they … Continue reading

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Australian Yellow Pages Listings Now Indexed by Google

It was only 4 months ago that I mentioned that: “Sensis have chosen to keep the content of Yellow Pages out of the reach of all Search Engines, in order to maintain control over their IP…” It seems now that … Continue reading

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Brownbook With Australian Business Listings

I noticed that Brownbook, the open business directory “we can all update”, now has Australian business listings. They’re even hiring locally too. Kelsey Group blogged about Brownbook at the beginning of the year. The concept is great, however from the … Continue reading

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Read an interesting article on Techcrunch about social video site, and thought ” hmm..I’ve seen this magnifying-glass theme somewhere else on an Aussie local search startup before..” v.s Rave About It Blog

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