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Truelocal launches iPhone app

News Digital Media gave a press release detailing a launch of a Truelocal iPhone app. “… will have a Location Based Service function enabling users to conduct on the spot searches for businesses within a specific radius of where they … Continue reading

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Australian Yellow Pages Listings Now Indexed by Google

It was only 4 months ago that I mentioned that: “Sensis have chosen to keep the content of Yellow Pages out of the reach of all Search Engines, in order to maintain control over their IP…” It seems now that … Continue reading

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truelocal Pushing Reviews Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Since their recent announcement of business reviews, truelocal has started experimenting with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising aimed at drawing in potential reviewers to the site. Previously much of their PPC advertising was aimed at driving browsers to their website, but now … Continue reading

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truelocal Launches Business Reviews

It has been a long time coming, however truelocal have launched a reviewing feature on their website (they were dropping subtle hints about reviewing features back in May this year. This makes truelocal the 2nd major business directory to provide … Continue reading

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Local Search Control with Google Maps Australia

Interesting post from Pamela Fox at the Google Maps API Team about the Local Search control (which has been around since June 07, with support for Australian only recently been given).The Local Search control within Google Maps enables a developer … Continue reading

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News Digital Media to Publish Google Ads

Much to report about Google and News Ltd this month, this time its about an ad partnership. The multi-year deal, which could generate millions of dollars in pay-per-click revenue to be shared between the two parties, will also see Google … Continue reading

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Local Business Search / Review Scene in Australia

After reading Monte Huebsch’s Local Search article, I thought that in a similar vein, I would provide a summary of the local business review scene in Australia, as this is a sub-set of local search and is an area that … Continue reading

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truelocal Mobile Search on 3

I recently received a MMS from my 3, my mobile provider, promoting truelocal mobile, a service that was launched last month. This is an aggressive move for truelocal, given that 3 has a 3G customer base of 1.4 million people … Continue reading

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truelocal – Reviews & Recommendations?

Found some slightly puzzling search engine results today for truelocal. The keywords ‘Reviews’ and ‘Recommendations’ are appearing alongside their url in Google’s search engine results.Further investigation reveals that in their site html, they have actually included the following How very … Continue reading

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truelocal in the local papers

Found this online/offline offer from truelocal in my local paper today। From an advertising perspective, truelocal certainly do have an incredible advantage here – the ability to target their offline user base locally to drive traffic to the site, which … Continue reading

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