DFO Sydney (Homebush)

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Address: Cnr Homebush Bay Drive & Underwood Rd , Homebush NSW 2140
Phone: (02) 9748 9800

Web: www.dfo.com.au

Reviews of DFO Sydney (Homebush)

Mark says: I've been to DFO in Sydney twice now and have always come away with great bargains. The outlet has an airy feel about it and the parking is always good.
The shoes in many of the stores are sorted by size rather than style, which makes choosing items a breeze.

It's one of those shopping places where you can get in and get out really quickly if you want to. Food court is a bit limited, but that's the only downside I can think of!

Veronica says: Buyers beware I purchase items from a store in DFO recently and tried the item jackets and a belt at the store before and tried the items again at home and then decided to return the item and exchange the item to the next size up for comfort. The ladie at the store said sorry we do not refund or exchange goods and I said I only bought the items yesterday im not asking for my money back at least a exchange to the next size up. Sorry policy is displayed on the counter and also in the changing rooms and on the receipt, as their computer system and manager stictly no refunds and exchange as they are clearence store. I also noticed on reciepts from other retail outlet in DFO stores states simular clauses. Normally if you go to any retail store ayou have the original tag and price shown and it has not be damage and is resalable you get your money back. I admit you go shopping for a bargin especially if it is well known reputable brand name and you feel you work out the store looking like a million dollar person but not if you dont feel confortable wearing the items if the size is too big or too small how do you feel paronoid that your money in purchasing the item

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About DFO Sydney (Homebush)

DFO - Direct Factory Outlet located in Homebush, Sydney with more than 80 individual outlets in one building