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Reviews of Dr Fintan Harte

sandra27 says: We were referred to Dr Harte by our GP, as a specialist who could help our daughter.
This was back in 2007, and from the first meeting he was so caring and understanding. Some people on this forum have accused him of over medicating, but I now know that to be totall false. Storng medication is needed to fix strong problems, and to prevent suicidal tendencies. It saddens me to think what would have happened if we had not been introduced to Dr Harte. He is very very good.

gavin7quinn says: I have had self esteem problems since childhood. These have held me back in both school and work, and led to my drug addiction.
Dr Harte has helped me get clean and straight, and I now have the confidence to work in a customer relations position.
This would never have been possible without his help.

catrina774 says: I have been a patient of Dr Fintan Harte for over a year now, and can honestly say that he saved my life. I have had ongoing issues which have required regular therapy sessions from Dr harte, and these have pregressively helped me find my way out of the black-hole

7angela says: Doctor Harte has helped me with my gender identity disorder problems.
My family were very negative about this, and didn't understand me at all, but after speaking with Dr Harte they now reallise that I really do have a legitimate medical condition.
I am still seeing him on a regular basis, and he is helping me cope with the difficulties of gender tansition

zolly says: I don't want to describe my condition here, suffice to say need help big time.
Dr Harte has helped me see that I am not a bad person, and that my life is worth living, and that no matter how bad it gets I can talk to him about it.
I am so glad I found him when I did. He has been the light in a very dark world for me.
I hope that he keeps doing what he does for a long time, because the world needs what he has to offer.
He is not the easiest doctor to get an appointment with, as he is so busy, but then I guess that in itself tells you how good he is.

simon2009 says: Dr Fintan Harte is the one to see if you have 'issues'
He helped me get of the hard stuff, and I've been getting back on top of my life gradually with his help. It isn't easy, but with his help you can do it.

Calvert says: I've been a patient of Dr. Harte's for six months now and I am more than pleased with his expertise and deication to his profession. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Harte to anyone seeking psychiatric assistance.

Shachter says: Doctor Harte was treating my son for alcohol abuse. He prescribed lots of brugs which were hard to stop taking and then when my son needed Doctor Harte most Doctor Harte refused to contine treating him.

heniek says: What a bad doctor. Never available. Does not return calls. Has outside interests that conflict with his work at the AlberRoad Clinic.
Stay away. He will drug you to high heaven and I mean it.

Shachter says: Doctor Harte is very big on strong drug prescription and very poor on the anaysis and treatment side. Seems to work closely with a Doctor Issy osowicki. They seem very focussed on the dollars and not the patient. They overservice and prescribe. has anyone else out there had the same experience

emmy1 says: Yes Dr Hart maked promises he does not keep. Told us there was a bed available at the clinic and when the time came the bed was not available. Our child could has gone elsewhere and then lost that place. She then became even move stressed than she origally was. Dr Harte does not seem to really care about his patients.
Spends more time elsewhere.

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