Dr Hymie Munitz

Address: 1/75 New South Head Rd, Vaucluse NSW 2030
Phone: (02) 9337 1703

Reviews of Dr Hymie Munitz

blue says: Hymie is a lovely man and as far as I can tell a very good dentist. I've had a lot of work done idone on my teeth in my lifetime so-far so for a 'lay-person' I'm probably a pretty good judge. He has a lovely family atmosphere in his waiting room and surgery and he's as helpful as any dentist I've ever seen. Just recently he had to extract a tooth of mine and 3 hours later I received a call from him to see how I was doing. The next morning I got a call from his wife asking the same question. I think that is great caring service from both of them. And his dental assistant is lovely too. When I go in there I'm grateful for the friendly happy atmosphere -- it does wonders to calm my nerves. He's been looking after my teeth for at about 6 years now and I would not even consider changing dentists.

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