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I shop sales for a living, and these are the Wayfair Way Day home deals I’m eyeing — save up to 80%

I shop for home deals on the internet seven days a week, 24 hours a day and I have a little secret to let you in on — not all sales are worth your time. But I do have some good news to share: Upon checking out this year’s Wayfair Way Day home deals, I felt no need to shout, “Mayday!” There are some impressive finds up for grabs, whether you could use a new mattress, are looking to upgrade your cookware or want to make the most of your outdoor space this season. Trust me when I say there’s something for everyone (and every room of your home!) at the Wayfair Way Day sale.

Quick Overview

  • Wayfair Sleep 8-Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen


    Save $120

  • Sealy Cool 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen


    Save $814

  • Serta Perfect Sleeper 12-Inch Hybrid Mattress, Queen


    Save $581

  • Wayfair Basics 1800 Series Sheet Set, Queen


    Save $24

  • Wayfair Sleep Cooling Memory Foam Pillow


    Save $87

  • Charlton Home Darcelle 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set, 6-Piece


    Save $41

  • Hoover Dual Spin Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner


    Save $104

  • Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 MAX with True HEPA


    Save $210

  • KitchenAid Classic Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer


    Save $90

  • Cuisinart Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler


    Save $186

  • Sand & Stable Hertford Accent Chair


    Save $36

  • Ebern Designs Chelsea Upholstered Sofa


    Save $150

  • Millwood Pines Eoghan Lift-Top Coffee Table


    Save $50

  • KitchenAid Classic Knife Block Set, 12-Piece


    Save $82

  • Staub Ceramics Baker Set. 4-Piece


    Save $137

  • Staub 12-Inch Cast Iron Fry Pan


    Save $188

  • KitchenAid Nonstick Cookware Set, 10-Piece


    Save $205

  • Trent Austin Design Migel Wood Flat Mirror


    Save $289

  • Greyleigh 9-Pair Shoe Rack


    Save $53

  • Kelly Clarkson Home Helena Floor Lamp


    Save $194

  • Latitude Run Square Outdoor Dining Set


    Save $100

  • The Twillery Co. Buckhead Indoor & Outdoor Area Rug, 7’10” x 10′


    Save $204

  • Darby Home Co. Hayler Outdoor Fire Pit Table


    Save $95

  • Blackstone 28-Inch Griddle


    Save $100

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How does a set of cooling queen-sized sheets for just $18 sound? (Pretty darn dreamy if you ask me!) You can also score a Staub iron skillet that Jennifer Garner loves cooking with for just $126 (that’s 60% off), a 3-piece outdoor bistro set for $150 and so much more. I’ve rounded up my top picks to save you some time — after all, you’ll want to snag these markdowns before the Wayfair Way Day sale ends on Monday, May 6.

For more info (and deals!), be sure to check out our explainer on all things Way Day 2024. Happy saving!


You don’t need to pay top dollar for a quality mattress and this $150 queen is proof! Made of ventilated, cooling gel memory foam, it was designed to help hot sleepers snooze more comfortably and comes with a breathable cover. This one’s on the softer side, FYI!

“It’s been almost two weeks and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this mattress is,” wrote a relieved reviewer. “I wake up pain-free and feeling rested and rejuvenated, and I’ve noticed I’m falling asleep faster without much tossing or turning.”

$150 at Wayfair


Prefer a thicker sleep surface? This top-rated 12-inch mattress boasts CopperChill technology to ward off night sweats, along with a moisture-wicking material and low-motion transfer (no more waking up your sleep partner when you get up to pee in the middle of the night). Multiple layers of foam offer pressure point relief, and a 10-year limited warranty provides extra peace of mind.

“This bed is wonderful!” gushed a buyer. “I’ve been having back issues for the past month due to my other bed and could barely sleep. Last night was the first night I’ve slept without back pain and slept through the night.”

$385 at Wayfair


This hybrid mattress might just be the best of both worlds, thanks to its combination of body-hugging memory foam and supportive coils for improved breathability. The fabric it’s made from helps control heat while minimizing moisture, while an antimicrobial fiber layer wards off icky bacteria, mold and the like. 

“This mattress is super comfortable!” exclaimed a content customer. “I love the plush pillow top … I’m a back-, side- and stomach-sleeper, and this mattress is perfect for me. My body doesn’t feel like it’s sinking into the mattress and I have the support I need.”

$568 at Wayfair


A whopping 58,000-plus reviewers gave this microfiber sheet set a perfect rating, so you know it’s doing something right! It’s resistant to fading, wrinkling and pilling, plus it’s hypoallergenic to help keep sneezes and sniffles at bay. (Need to keep it light this summer? Check out our list of the best cooling sheets.)

“The sturdiness of the fabric promises durability,” wrote a shopper. “It’s held up beautifully, even after multiple washes, maintaining its crisp, clean look. Truly a wonderful investment for anyone seeking quality.”

$18 at Wayfair


Anyone who runs hot at night knows how unpleasant sleeping (well, attempting to) on a stuffy pillow is. That might be why this cooling head cushion has garnered over 16,000 perfect ratings. It’s made of gel-infused memory foam to help draw heat away from your body while providing your head, neck and shoulders with customized support. Plus, it comes with a removable, 100% cotton cover to keep it clean. (There’s nothing like a good pillow — you can check out our favorites for every type of sleeper here.) 

“I bring this pillow everywhere,” wrote a fan. “It has such hugging support for my head and neck. I also have a lot of ear piercings that can sometimes limit laying on that side … but this pillow actually creates a little dip for my ear to sit in without pain. A must-have!”

$23 at Wayfair


Ready to finally invest in some quality towels? Ditch the threadbare, mismatched ones in your bathroom for this 100% Turkish cotton set, which includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. At this price, consider getting a second for when guests visit!

“These towels are fantastic,” raved a buyer. “They are exactly the quality and thickness I was looking for. They have to be washed before first use and, incredibly, that process makes them nearly double in thickness. They are super absorbent and soft to the touch.”

$32 at Wayfair


Pet owners understand that a good carpet cleaner is essential to make sure your home looks (and smells) its best. This carpet cleaner does the work of a much bigger machine like the ones you can rent, but this one you can store in your own cleaning closet! 

“This carpet cleaner is amazing! I have three boys, a dog and a cat, and this cleaner helps get all the remaining hair and the traffic stains up from the carpet better than the other one I own,” said a thrilled shopper. “I also really love the tools and various attachments. I have used this to clean my couch, too.”

$166 at Wayfair


Allergy season is in full swing, but you can lessen the symptoms with a quality air purifier. This one from Shark includes a HEPA filter that removes pollen, dust and allergens from the air. The included remote can be used from across the room so you can turn it on or off at a distance. Use it in rooms up to 1,000 square feet. (We love a good air purifier — here are our favorites.)

“Got this for our cabin where the entire family has allergies,” said one fan. “Within three hours of it running, we felt better. It’s ultra quiet, too.” 

$190 at Wayfair


As someone who used to bake for a living, I consider KitchenAid stand mixers to be the gold standard in their category. That said, they have high price tags to match — aside from this one! If you’re looking for a sturdy workhorse that does everything from mixing batters and whipping cream to kneading dough, you won’t do much better than this. 

“Love, love, love this mixer,” gushed a reviewer. “This is the second one in my lifetime, as they last for years and years. … It gets used at least three times a week for cookies, cake or whipping cream for strawberries.”

$240 at Wayfair


This sleek appliance will reeeally come in handy on those hot and humid days when the last thing you feel like doing is turning on your full-sized oven. I actually own this toaster oven and it heats up in no time — plus, it saved my butt a few years ago when my regular oven decided to break the week before Thanksgiving. I’ve made everything from roasted vegetables to pies and cakes in it, and it doesn’t make my kitchen feel like a sauna. (Check out our round-up of editor-approved air fryers.)

“This is my favorite appliance!” exclaimed an enthusiastic user. “It heats up so fast that I use it as my preferred oven when I don’t need a large-size baking dish. … It’s more user-friendly than other toaster/convection ovens because the crumb tray slides out the front. Most models you have to turn the oven around to access the crumb tray from the rear, which is a pain, especially if you have limited space.”

$144 at Wayfair


Mid-century modern furniture will never go out of style, and this relaxed yet sophisticated chair for just $124 is no exception. Its vintage-inspired angles give it some character and the thick foam cushions make it a comfy seat you’ll want to unwind in at the end of the day. 

“Solid, beautiful chairs — just what I needed for a smaller space,” shared a fan. “They’re firm, but comfortable, and the little pillow provides perfect lumbar support.”

$124 at Wayfair


I almost did a double-take when I saw the price of this Luxe-with-a-capital-“L” couch! The velvet material and quilted cushioning will have guests thinking you purchased it from a high-end design store, but the truth will be our little secret. It’s also wrinkle-resistant!

“Absolutely adore this sofa!” exclaimed a shopper. “The material is soft but also easy to clean. I have three boys under 10 and this couch holds up to all their rough-housing. We’ve had it for about six months now and it’s still in the same condition as it was when we got it. Super easy to put together, took me about 20 minutes alone.”

$270 at Wayfair


There’s a reason it seems like you’re seeing lift-top coffee tables in every home — they’re both convenient and discreet. Let’s face it, many of us are short on storage space, meaning our coffee tables become cluttered with mail, books, remotes and who knows what else. With this, you’ll be able to keep all of that concealed, and the fact that the top can be elevated means you’ll have a place for comfortably propping up your laptop or eating in front of the TV. The extra two drawers at the bottom are the icing on the cake!

“Absolutely beautiful!” wrote a buyer. “Very easy to put together. [The] drawers glide in and out without any glitches. … Plenty of storage under the hinged top and in the drawers.”

$120 at Wayfair


If your dull knives make you dread having to slice through a tomato, a new set is in order — and this one’s a whopping 60% off. It comes with an attractive wood block and includes a carving/slicing knife, chef knife, bread knife, santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife, steak knives and kitchen shears. Plus, it even has a built-in sharpener to keep everything nice and pointy. (Check out our other editor-approved knife set picks.)

“Love these new knives,” shared a satisfied slicer. “The light-colored block looks great in my kitchen.”

$53 at Wayfair


Staub is one of the most sought-after stoneware brands, so the fact that this set is over 70% off “bakes” me very excited! You’ll be able to enjoy everything from fruit cobblers and brownies to lasagna and casseroles via the two rectangular baking dishes, while the pair of bowls will elevate your daily cereal-eating experience. These pieces are dishwasher- and oven-safe up to 572°F and come in three colors. 

“Not only do these dishes look beautiful in my kitchen, but they are also incredibly durable and versatile,” raved a home baker. “Once they’re heated up in the oven, they keep my food hot for a long time. … They wipe clean with ease and I’ve never had any issues with food sticking to them.”

$50 at Wayfair


I’m also obsessed with this textured cast iron pan with a matte interior and an enameled exterior — this favorite from Staub (and celeb Jennifer Garner) distributes heat like a boss, ensuring all your favorite foods are cooked evenly. This foot-wide wonder comes in a variety of colors (including black matte, dark blue and graphite gray) but you’ll score the best deal on the internet right now with the cherry colorway at 60% off.

“Glide a tiny bit of butter each time while heating, as suggested, and this pan with the non-stick coating will brown food efficiently and evenly,” said one shopper. ” … The heat retention is also good. Food flavors are retained because food does not dry out because of the pan’s efficiency.”

$126 at Wayfair


They need to invent a national holiday for whoever invented nonstick pans, because cooking has become infinitely easier thanks to their contribution. This set, which is 60% off, is particularly praise-worthy because it can go from stovetop to oven and has silicone handles that won’t get too hot. Included are a stock pot, saucepan, two frying pans, a sauté pan and four lids — all for the price of what many single pans cost these days! (For more of our faves, read our list of top cookware sets.)

“This is a solid kitchen set, and so far I have been loving it,” wrote a content cook. “It seems durable and the pieces heat evenly.”

$130 at Wayfair


Tired of crossing your fingers that your shirt and pants combo is ready for prime time? A full-length mirror allows you to give yourself a once-over before heading out the door, and if you’re a fan of shabby-chic decor, look no further. This tastefully distressed beauty is over 70% off for Way Day. 

“It is a beautiful, large mirror,” gushed a fan. “Versatile for propping against or hanging on the wall, and it came with hardware to install if wished. Super happy!”

$110 at Wayfair


If there’s one way to make your home look more put-together instantly, it’s by picking your shoes up off the floor and storing them on an attractive rack. This one, made of wood and metal, has a slightly rustic, slightly industrial feel that’ll work well with many aesthetics. 

“Just what I needed in my laundry room,” shared a reviewer. “My husband put it together with no problem and it is very sturdy. I love the color and shape.”

$45 at Wayfair


Let’s shed some light on the subject, shall we? In all seriousness, how gorgeous is this gold stunner from Kelly Clarkson Home, which marries a modern silhouette with traditional touches. Now you won’t have to squint while completing your nightly crosswords. 

“Gorgeous, sturdy, and looks and feels way more expensive than the actual price,” swooned a shopper. 

$138 at Wayfair


Have you tried shopping for patio furniture recently? It’s ridiculously expensive! So imagine my surprise when I saw that this 3-piece set was marked down to just $150. Few things are as pleasant as enjoying an al fresco meal, and these sleek pieces will allow you to do just that. They’re made of rust-resistant aluminum, and seat cushions are included for extra comfort. 

“Elegant-looking bistro set,” wrote an impressed shopper. “Very easy to assemble … Doesn’t take up too much room, and the chairs slide nicely under the table if you want to serve drinks or food.”

$150 at Wayfair


There’s no reason why your patio rug shouldn’t be as chic as your indoor flooring, and this stylish woven mat will elevate any outdoor space. Aesthetics aside, it’s also water-, fade- and stain-resistant to withstand harsh weather conditions.

“The pattern hides any dust/dirt, it’s very soft for bare feet and rolled out with ease,” said a reviewer. “It stays surprisingly cool in over-100° weather.”

$95 at Wayfair


Not only will you and your friends have a blast telling stories and snacking on s’mores around this fire pit, you’ll also enjoy the food you’ve grilled over it, thanks to its two swiveling grates. And on days when it’s too hot to sit in front of flames, the included cover turns it into an outdoor table. (Here are some more of our favorite fire pits!)

“Assembly was easy, and I like that it was raised off the ground, with a ledge for your feet or plates if you’re using the grills that come with it,” explained a buyer. “I also like that it came with a cover to protect it from the rain and snow.”

$125 at Wayfair


Cooking for a crowd? This roomy outdoor griddle can fit 44 hot dogs, 18 burgers or 12 steaks at a time to ensure no one goes hungry. With two burners that can be controlled separately, you’ll be able to cook foods at different heat settings simultaneously, and since it’s on wheels, it’s easy to move from the garage to the yard. (Don’t miss our round-up of editor-approved grills.)

“Assembly was straightforward and it works very well,” shared a shopper. “The magnetic strip on the front, plus the extra front container to hold accessories is convenient and useful. The food we have cooked so far has been delicious!”

$200 at Wayfair

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.


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