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Arteastiq the Sanctuary – Award-Winning Singapore Tea Lounge Launches in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam & Offers 1000 Tea Sets for Free

SINGAPORE, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Established in 2010, the Arteastiq brand is an idea that brings the soul and spirit of Singapore’s food history to life, offering multi-sensory and taste-provoking experiences to diners. To realize the vision of leading the global wave of culinary style innovation, Arteastiq chose Vietnam as its first stop outside Singapore, bringing Arteastiq The Sanctuary to District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

With a history of tea cultivation spanning more than 2,000 years, Vietnam offers many opportunities for Arteastiq’s expansion strategy. At the same time, this is also a country with a long tradition of enjoying tea, with the amount of tea and coffee consumed per capita per month up to 0.1kg. Above all, Vietnam’s vibrant cultural and artistic scene in recent years has provided a promising playground for the brand’s creative activities, a perfect canvas between tea and art for Arteastiq.

The great potential for the brand’s success in Vietnam also comes from the fact that the F&B industry is on a strong developmental path, expecting a growth of 8.65% per year from 2021-2026.

Arteastiq The Sanctuary’s menu offers a multi-sensory experience around the world, with unique dishes such as Singaporean Sambal Sauce Barbs served with dried Laksa noodles. This dish promises a flavourful ‘adventure’ with oven-baked bass fillets drenched in ground sambal peppers and dried shrimp, served with vermicelli, deep-fried onions, cucumber and a bit of kumquat squeezed on top like the perfect note. Equally prominent is Truffle Hunters of Italy, a luxurious dish of freshly cooked capellini pasta in truffle sauce, paired with sautéed sliced beef tenderloin with mushrooms and a hint of Yan fruit ponzu sauce, bringing a delicate flavour to the tip of the tongue.

The Dream Afternoon Tea Set and Paradise Afternoon Teasery are unique high tea collections of delicate pastries, sandwiches and small desserts that create a poetic feel, paired with Arteastiq’s finest teas. The Teaserys are like a serene symphony at sunset, bringing feelings of happiness and relaxation.

With the unique combination of art and cuisine at the core of the brand, Arteastiq initiated an Art Jamming Studio on the 2nd floor (also known as their Artistry Alcove) of Arteastiq The Sanctuary. This is where Art Jamming sessions will take place, where diners can express their inner artists and satisfy their creativity on canvases, while enjoying delicious food and Arteastiq’s famous specialty tea. 

At the same time, an all-new edition of Silent Art Jamming Club was introduced to guests for the first time, which is also exclusively for Vietnam. The Silent Art Jamming concept addresses the noise problem commonly found at traditional parties or events by assisting participants to enjoy DJ music through headphones. Participants can still enjoy high-quality audio and interact with each other without making noise, all while painting with luminous paint under UV lights. Therefore, this is a very interesting and relaxing group activity, suitable for gathering friends and family. This program will be held regularly every weekend evening at Arteastiq The Sanctuary.

“When I first came to Arteastiq The Sanctuary, I felt like I was stepping into a work of art where architecture and food dance together. The modern lounge, decorated with designer furniture, creates an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, reflecting the sophistication and creativity in the dishes,” said a diner who participated in the launch.

“This is not just a dining experience but a journey of immersion into the world of art, led by Arteastiq’s exceptional hospitality. I left feeling satisfied, eager to return. Whether it’s with friends or family, Arteastiq will provide an unforgettable moment that you should experience for yourself,” she said. 

These comments reinforce Arteastiq The Sanctuary’s unwavering commitment to delivering a world-class customer experience. Every aspect, from the meticulously curated selection of food and tea to the attentiveness of the staff, is designed to ensure diner satisfaction. This commitment to excellence is the standard Arteastiq has pursued and maintained since its inception. It is Arteastiq’s dedication to creating unforgettable moments and delivering exceptional hospitality that has helped Arteastiq Group become a leader in food and lifestyle.

The Arteastiq brand traces its roots to the history of Singapore and the Teo family, descendants of the long-standing Chaozhou district in Guangdong Eastern Province, which is recognized as the “capital” of Gongfu Tea. Ivan Teo, the youngest son in the family, was inspired by a childhood event, when a lychee accidentally fell into the oolong teapot he was brewing. The accidental blend of sweet lychee and wood-scented oolong left a deep impression on him.

As an entrepreneur, Ivan was determined to recreate this unique taste and aroma, which is why Arteastiq was born. His entrepreneurial mindset and passion for tea have been instrumental in shaping Arteastiq’s innovative spirit and global mission. Ivan Teo, CEO of Arteastiq Group affirmed: “I am dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience where art combined with tea and exceptional hospitality converge to create unforgettable moments for our customers.”

Ivan’s devotion to service excellence, innovation and culinary arts has been noticed. In 2023, Arteastiq received the prestigious Epicurean Star Award for Best Café presented by the Restaurant Association of Singapore, recognised for its outstanding quality, presentation, hospitality and overall experience. That marked the second time the establishment has received the award since 2016.

Arteastiq’s goal of fostering quality customer relationships is further strengthened by the exclusive VVIP Membership Program for diners in Vietnam. Platinum members enjoy unlimited access to tea sets, along with special gifts for two years. At the same time, Platinum members will also receive their own embroidered pillow, all to enhance the tea and art experience for them every time they come to Arteastiq.

For its grand opening, Arteastiq The Sanctuary is giving away 1000 sets of tea sets for 7 days, at the end of which 3 lucky guests will be selected to receive an entire year’s supply of free tea sets. Following the grand opening on 23rd March 2024, the establishment plans to continue imprinting its mark on Vietnam’s culinary scene. As Arteastiq pushes the boundaries of culinary innovation, one thing remains constant: a commitment to crafting moments that linger in the hearts and minds of diners.

Address: 49 Xuân ThủyThảo Điền, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Operation Hours: Daily 9am to 11pm

Reservations & Enquiries: 090 910 89 42



IG: @ArteastiqTheSanctuary


Tiktok: @ArteastiqTheSanctuary


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