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Feeling fancy? Get these electric salt and pepper grinders for over 60% off

When a waiter asks if I want pepper on my dish, I almost always say yes. The slightly spicy, aromatic taste of fresh ground pepper is just too good to pass up — and it’s much better than the pre-ground stuff that’s been sitting in the shaker on the table for who knows how long. The thing is, ground spices tend to lose their flavor fast, and if you buy them in big bottle bottles, they’re likely to go stale before you use them all. That’s why I’m a big fan of pepper mills for grinding fresh peppercorns and salt mills for adding flavor to my dishes. You can get the manual kind like they use at a lot of restaurants, or you can get this electric salt and pepper grinder set from Amazon while it’s over 60% off.


These rechargeable mills grind salt and pepper with the touch of a button.

$27 at Amazon

Electric salt and pepper grinders generally aren’t cheap. This popular set regularly costs $80, but while it’s 66% off, you can snag it for $27. That’s an especially great deal considering it’s probably the same price as you’d pay for a fancy set of salt and pepper shakers that match your dinnerware.

First and foremost, fresh spices and herbs are just better than the dried stuff — this isn’t opinion, it’s fact. Think about a leafy one, like basil — do you prefer fresh leaves sprinkled over your pasta or dried, crushed basil mixed in? The flavor of fresh pepper, like other spices, is far superior to pre-ground pepper that’s been sitting on your table for weeks. Peppercorns start to lose their flavor about 30 minutes after grinding — so unless you’re a fan of black dust on your food, the fresher the better.

As for freshly ground salt, well, the flavor doesn’t change a ton, but the size of the grind may. Finer salt tends to stick to more things, so it’s good for cooking. Big, flaky salt gives a pop of flavor and texture, so it’s great for topping a finished dish.

This Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set grinds both with the touch of a button. In fact, it offers five levels of coarseness. When you’re not using them, they have a cap to prevent any salt and pepper from spilling out all over your counter. One major highlight of this set over others, however, is that it has a light on the bottom so you can see exactly how much salt and pepper you’re putting on a dish — even when you’re eating by candlelight.

The set comes in black and white (for pepper and salt), but if you prefer things to match, brand also sells an all black set. Both sets have a see-through container so you known which grinder is which.

More than 2,500 Amazon shoppers give these electric salt and pepper grinders a perfect, five-star rating.

“We love our salt and pepper grinders!” said one fan. “The grinders have lights to better be able to see where you are putting the salt and pepper on your food. They are no-mess and super easy to use!”

“Love these, way better than the manual grinders,” compared another shopper. “Very easy to fill and adjust coarseness, and I love the cap at the bottom to keep the grinder clean.”

“I am really enjoying these grinders,” gushed one happy customer. “Fresh grinding with ease as I have arthritis in my hands. Attractive product as well.”

“Love that these are rechargeable,” added another. “They’ve held a charge for at least three months and only now seem to need [to be] charged up again, and they’re used several times daily.”

Shoppers say that the grinding button’s placement could be better, because they accidentally press it whenever they pick it up.

“When these arrived my husband loved them. He was like, ‘Why didn’t we get these sooner?'” shared one four-star reviewer. “Although a four-star rating, the only reason it’s not a five is that sometimes when you pick them up you hit the button, but not to worry because there is a cover on them, so [you won’t] get the salt and pepper all over the place. Very nice product.”

“We really love these salt and pepper shakers,” said another. “The only problem is that the button you push to release the salt and pepper is up a bit high on the shakers, where you want to grab it and you accidentally touch it and it grinds into the sealed cap.”


The grinders come with rechargeable batteries and only take one hour to fully charge. 

$27 at Amazon

Don’t care about salt, but prefer fresh ground pepper (or vice versa)? While not on sale, the brand sells a single electric pepper grinder for just $18.


While you can use this grinder for salt or pepper, the black color makes it more appropriate for the latter, right?

$18 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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